Concealed Carry Made Easy With GWG’s Tomboy Sweatshirt

Introducing the Concealed Casual Tomboy Sweatshirt by Girls with Guns

Always clear your firearm so you can do a little dry fire training from concealment.  Today, Jen is using a Ruger SR9C which is larger than her normal EDC.
The Tomboy’s passthrough pocket allows easy access to your firearm if you ever find yourself in a self defense situation. 
Most self defense situations happen in a matter of seconds.  Learning how to properly draw your firearm from concealment while wearing the Tomboy Sweatshirt is vitally important.  This can be a great way to access your firearm without anyone knowing that you are.
Cozy & durable, the Tomboy Sweatshirt is the perfect top to pair with any concealed carry outfit. 
Jen has paired the Tomboy Sweatshirt with GWG’s Dusty Rose Eclipse Leggings which make carrying her firearm easy with its built in holster with trigger protection.
You won’t want any other sweatshirt for when you conceal carry after trying our Tomboy!
Introducing GWG's Tomboy Sweatshirt for Concealed Carry!
USCCA - Train To Carry - Train for the Unexpected!

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