[vc_row][vc_column][vc_video link=”” align=”center”][vc_column_text]This month is Breast Cancer Awareness month it hits our GWG family a little close to home as our dear friend and sister Lora Young Has stage 3 Breast Cancer. A cancer diagnosis is scary. The medical bills that come after the diagnosis are even scarier, especially if you are unemployed and uninsured.

Meet Lora Gene Young, also known as Gypsy Nomad Hunting or Lora “the Gypsy”. Outdoor Adventure Guide, young, strong, healthy, and now a breast cancer patient. Cancer can strike anyone, at any time and leave you crippled, mentally, physically, emotionally, and financially. Medical bills quickly pile up, jobs that can work around your physical limits, and time off is scarce (impossible in the outdoor guide genre). Hospital bills, radiology bills, lab bills, grocery bills, gas for the drive (over 2 hours each way) to treatment, medications, head coverings. As if the mental strain of losing your hair and your boobs isn’t enough, now your savings are being lost as well. That’s where this campaign comes in, Help Lora Gene Young. Both she and her family have so many things to focus on right now, time together, healing, caregiving, finances should not be one of their worries. If you have ever had Lora as a guide or been in her hunting camp, you know how well she takes care of everyone. From hiking to cooking, to show you around town, to finding you the perfect animal, Lora gives 110% and then some. With a quick smile, a laugh, and a joke, she makes sure everyone gets their dream adventure. Now is the time to give back. Please help us help this great gal and her family. Donate Now!


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