87 thoughts on “Great Fall Giveaway

  1. Melissa Stuart says:

    I grew up in the Bay area in California and married my husband here in Idaho. I have learned so much in the past 2 years. He is wanting to take me hunting and I have nothing camouflage so I completely don’t fit in. Lol I have the black jacket and black pants you have that I love. We have been working on learning new guns and skills needed for hunting. Which by the way I never in a million years thought I would do. Thank you for this opportunity Melissa (soon to be hunter from the city)

  2. Kimberly J Reese says:

    I have never won any THING i have ever entered and badly need some winter clothes. Fall clothes. This will b greatly appreciated and will help! Thankyou for the opportunity!

  3. Christie Bruff says:

    ‘Girls with Guns’ i ran across this page and aside from hunting it really gives alot of great information that may be relevant in other situations such as; gun safety, gun laws, carry laws etc etc.. not to mention all the great apparel you guys carry ❤ it

  4. Rhonda Thalmann says:

    #GWG!!! For me the versatile designs you have incorporated in the hunting clothing line is fantastic!!! I’m definitely a “GWG gal!!! Looking forward for my next hunting adventure!!!
    For those who have not tried the “GWG” clothing yet… Your missing out on a great company, they have it all together!!!

  5. Naomi says:

    My mom got me a really nice and comfortable girls with guns sweatpants and I loved them until my ex-boyfriend cut them up and I had to throw them away after the break up. Every time I go to the only store that sells girls with guns apparel to buy they don’t have my size or it has been sold out of it.

  6. kinsleyroberts says:

    Seeing as though my boyfriend and his friends are trying to start an Outdoors youtube and facebook page (Sipsey Outfitters). It would be nice to have matching camo since most of our hunts will be filmed now.

  7. Melinda Kavanagh-beckett says:

    I’ve clicked on all the check out the collections, and they won’t submit to give an entry. Other then that, I’d love to win, need some gear to go out with the hubby this year!

  8. Amanda Pierce says:

    The summit collection looks amazing! Would be nice to have for this upcoming rifle season. They are predicting very cold weather!

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