Meet Highland: Our Durable Upland Collection

The first bird hunt that we ever went on together was a dove hunt on opening day out at Red Bank Outfitters in our Northern California hometown of Red Bluff, California. September is still very hot in the valley, with temperatures reaching over 100º, so there we were, bird hunting in cutoff shorts, flip flops, and our blaze orange bird vests. At the time, Northern California-style bird hunting was all that we knew. Well, fast forward 10 years later and we’ve been blessed to bird hunt all over the U.S., including a memorable pheasant hunt with the Governor of Kansas during the 2017 Governor’s Ringneck Classic.


Having hunted dove, pheasant, chukker, and quail in all different terrains and climates, we realized that there was a serious lack of women’s upland gear on the market. What was previously available wasn’t really fit for a woman, and it certainly wasn’t budget-friendly. Well, we’re here to change that. Introducing Highland, our new upland collection, which features our brand new camo pattern, Shade Sienna. Sienna trades in the gray-green tones of Shade 1.0 for sandy brown tones, perfect for blending into tall, dry grass and drier climates.

Welcome to the family, Highland!


The Highland collection features our newest signature camo pattern, Shade Sienna, and comes in sizes XS to 2X, including our new size, XXL. Highland is an affordable hunting collection, with prices ranging from $69.99 to $119.99.

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