Staying True To Our Roots: Meet Our New Brand Program

Staying true to our roots is what we’re all about.

In 2008, our husbands started attending more hunting expos, and we would always ask them to bring us back a shirt since we couldn’t go (dang that 9-5 grind). More times than not, they would come back with a baggy men’s shirt with some gaudy pink antlers across the front (or worse yet, BUCKS ‘N FLAMES) and we knew that there had to be something better for the girls like us – country girls who loved to hunt, shoot, and look good doing it.

That’s how Girls With Guns® was born. We wanted to create fun and fashionable designs for those who were proud of their right to bear arms or their ability to fill the freezer. Whether it was glitter and rhinestones or camo and buck tracks, we’ve always been proud of each and every design that we’ve created in our little hometown of Red Bluff, CA.

In 2014, as we were getting ready to launch our very first hunting collection, we promised ourselves that no matter how many new collections we launched, we would always stay true to our roots and keep our favorite designs for our brand program. Our roots were planted with our first affordable and fashionable graphic tee collection, and we’re proud that we’ve stayed true to our roots for the last 10 years.

So for this collection, we’re not welcoming you to the family, you ARE the family.

Thank you for your continued support over the last 10 years and living the #GWGLIFE along with us.

Shop the new Brand Program collection here

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