7 Tips For A Good Day Of Shed Hunting

Shed hunting is one of those hobbies that many Americans know nothing about. And many people who don’t know that animals naturally shed their horns think a bunch of deer were killed to make my chandler. Shed hunting is what outdoor people do when the river is too chocolate milk to fish, and there is no other hunting going on except for nuisance ground squires. Of course it is a great way to get outside, get some exercise, and add some fun to your walk.

1. Stay comfortably warm. If the spring weather is brisk make sure you put on and take along your Thermal Relief Lotion. This amazing lotion was made to help you enjoy your outdoor adventures more by keeping you warmer. Andrea Haas from Huntress Viewsays “The Thermal Relief Lotion is my personal favorite from this line! I have issues keeping my toes and fingers warm and this product honestly REALLY works!” Just apply to your ears, hands, feet and core before heading out. It works best under gloves, socks or a hat.  But, if it’s a nice spring day, you might be able to go with just it and not any gloves. This is perfect warming lotion, just apply to your hands, feet, core, and/or ears before any adventure to help you enjoy your day. Vitamins like Arginine, Alpha Lipoic, and warming essential oils help keep circulation in your extremities. Slay away cold fingers and toes! Also its best to dress in layers, I really like the mid-weight jacket for spring and fall time from Girls with Guns, it has a warm cozy inside, and a soft wind resistance shell; plus its fashionable too. And, yes, the best girls are hard to find, because they are wearing camo.
2. Know the When, What, and Where. Depending on where you live and what animals sheds you are looking for will depend on the where and when. Shed hunting is prime from January to April depending on what you are looking for and where you are looking. For example, a mule deer or Elk will shed their horns at a different time than a whitetail deer. Look next to fences where they might bounce off as they jump across, and look next to their water source. Last spring, I found this pair while we were fly fishing, floating down the river. As we floated by, I saw a pair of horns side by side half way in the water. This was my first pair of elk horns that were side by side, so I was excited. My guess is he leaned forward for his morning drink and they just fell off.

3. Look for its mate. If you find oneits mate might be nearby. Once you find one start walking bigger, and bigger circles around where it was, you may just find its mate. Or if you are lucky, they might be sided by side. 

4. Bino’s and Boots. Yes, you will burn some calories here. Shed hunting gets you outside and into nature. After you find your first shed, you’ll realize you’ve learned about the animals and their habits. And my favorite part is that its good exercise, too. It’s easy to get 10-12 miles or more in a day and not even realize how much you walked. The ground is usually a spring muddy mess so boots are a must for keeping your feet dry and warm. I recommend the Muck Boots from Girls With Guns. (I actually wear these boots every day. They are great for checking cows, walking the dog, yes I even wear them across slushy parking lots, and into the grocery store. Also, Binoculars are a great tool to carry with you they will help you cover more ground faster. You can see for sure if the “horn” you see is a stick, sage brush, or the real deal. Sure, if you’re glassing a hayfield or sage brush hill, you might miss a few small sheds, but antlers of good size can be easy to spot.

5. Sunshine makes us all happy. In some cases, deer, elk and other animals are like me, (most humans) they like to soak up the sun. When looking for sheds in the thick trees and dark timber, focus on openings along south-facing slopes, they like to soak up the sun too. And don’t forget a little barrier balm to protect your pretty face. If you are going outside for any amount of time you should be wearing Conqueror Cream on your face. Conqueror Cream was made for women who love being outside. It contains many natural SPF oils and ingredients like zinc and carrot oil to shelter your delicate skin from the sun, wind and elements.

6. Take your dog. A good retriever can learn to hunt sheds easily, and decrease the time it takes you to cover ground, saving you some time and energy while burning off some of their energy. I enjoy doing anything with my husband and chocolate lab, this is a great way to go for a walk together, so even if you come up empty handed it’s a good day. Click here to see Sherri Trivisonno a ReelCamo Girl Brand Champion give tips on shed hunting with your dog.

7. Want even more tips? See Shed Hunting Tips and Benefits by Browning Trail Cameras on Huntress Views website.

by Cammi Balleck

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