Bear Spaghetti Recipe


Bear Spaghetti Recipe

By Teresa Lujan | Team GWG Ambassador


Bear hunting can be such a fun challenge, but what do we do with our meat once it is harvested? As a houndswoman I’ve quickly learned that not many people are willing to incorporate bear meat into their diet, let alone try it. But I promise that they can be as delicious as they are beautiful! And what better way to utilize and honor an animal whose life you took, than by remembering it every time you pull out a package of meat from the freezer to feed your family? Though as hard as it might be to convince someone to eat bear, it’s even harder to find a good recipe to prepare it with. Here’s one I’ve tried and tested that I think you’ll love!

Spaghetti with Bear and Mushroom Meat Sauce

1 lb ground bear

½ lb ground sausage or substitute beef/pork 

½ yellow onion 

6-8 baby bella mushrooms 

2 cloves of garlic minced 

Salt, Italian seasoning

1 jar/can red pasta sauce of choice 

Pasta of choice 

Start by finely chopping up the onion, and mushrooms, then add to a large heated and oiled pan (medium/high) along with the minced garlic, ground bear, and ground sausage. Season with salt and Italian seasoning, but be sure to cook fully before tasting. Bear meat must be cooked to 165 degrees for at least 15 seconds to kill trichinosis, so let it reach 170 degrees to be safe. Add in red sauce of choice, cover, and let simmer on medium/low while you cook your pasta. Stir in some (salted) pasta water as the sauce thickens and serve on top of your favorite al dente pasta. Enjoy!


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