Top Archery Hunting Must-Have’s



Archery Season is right around the corner and seeing we are all getting ready I thought I would share with you my top must-haves gear list for this coming season!

GIRLS WITH GUNS CLOTHING CAMO¬†– Our camo is¬†comfortable, durable and affordable! While it can still be pretty warm here in the PNW during our archery season we love to layer with our Stalker Tee, Artemis Jacket and Carbine Pants! Add in our Buck Patch Hat, Ponytail Beanie or Headband to complete your gear!¬†NATURES PAINT¬†–¬†100% Natural Camo Face Paint proudly made in the USA.

Composed of ingredients you can pronounce like organic fair-trade cocoa butter, organic coconut oil, and organic beeswax, Nature’s Paint hunting face paint is clean and safe for you. 

VORTEX РDuring archery season a good range finder is an absolute must! We love our Vortex Ranger 1800. Ranger Rangefinders give hunters and shooters distance data needed to make accurate shots. Easy to use with a clean display and highly intuitive menu, the Ranger keeps things simple, yet provides a high level of performance. Primary HCD (Horizontal Component Distance) mode displays an angle-compensated distance reading. Ideal for gun hunters, target shooters and bowhunters, is sure to be a hit Рand ensure hits.

On X Maps¬†–¬†The 3d maps, tracking function, custom map layers and offline maps are amazing tools when hunting. Plus you can use it right on your phone whether you have service or not! Knowing that as long as you have your phone (which you most likely always do lol) you have your maps without having to remember another tech piece of gear is amazing!

HAVALON¬†– You can’t have a successful harvest without a quality knife. That is why we rely on our havalons. They are great for gutting, skinning and quartering our big game animals.



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