Jen O’Hara Talks About GWG’s Ruger Connection

Jen O’Hara, co-founder of GWG (Girls with Guns) was preparing to head to the California CCW Conference but took a few minutes to talk with us (the WON) about GWG’s connection with Ruger Firearms.

Q. First of all, for readers who may not know, how and why did you decide to start GWG?

A. My best friend, Norissa Harman, who is also the co-founder of GWG, had a vision. Her husband used to bring home t-shirts that would have things like flaming bucks on them and had a really small junior fit. She felt she could build a better product. I was the business mind so I said, I’ll invest for a year and help. I wrote a check for $2500. That was in November 2008.

We were in Norissa’s garage, like many businesses start out. She had an embroidery machine and would embroider our GWG logo onto hats and shirts and I would do the rhine-studding. It was super popular back then! We started working with a local screen printing company, but it was very expensive. We tried to outsource here in the US, but got turned down in Los Angeles because the word ‘guns’ is in our name.

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Jen Rhine-Studding Hats

Small Beginnings With The Help Of Friends

GWG the early days - hats ready to ship out

An Order Of Hats Fresh Off The Press

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