Top Holsters and Carry Locations for Women

Top Holsters and Carry Locations for Women


Thank you to all the amazing women who responded to the TWAW 2020 survey. Now,  I get to share with you the top holsters and carry locations for women in 2020! The TWAW survey was open to everyone country-wide, and we got an astounding 5,500+ women entrants. These women ranged in age of 18- 75+ and were women carrying their first gun to women who have been concealed carriers for over 20 years.

So, what holsters do women most commonly use? What locations do women carry in most often? Read on to find out!


What carry locations are the most popular with women?

Women are so diverse and the ways we carry are diverse as well! Everyone is different and what works for one woman will not necessarily work for another. However, you can use this list to try to work out what would be best for you!

For the last few years, the most popular way to carry has been in-the-waistband and 2020 was no different! Carrying IWB is pretty comfortable (make it even more comfortable with our TWAW Comfort Shield), safe, and no one has access to your gun! Over 35% of women carried IWB in 2020.

The second most popular cc option is the concealed carry purse (32%). This is arguably the most comfortable way to carry but carrying off-body takes a lot of practice and dedication and involves additional risks! (Learn more)

The third most popular way to carry is on your torso. This means you use a wrap holster (like a Belly Band), a bra holster, or an underarm holster. About 18% of women carried this way.

On-the-waistband holsters take fourth place on this list at 11%. Carrying OWB is likely the most comfortable way to carry with no gun or holster inside your waistband. But, carrying openly is typically not preferred by most women and it is not legal everywhere. To carry concealed with an OWB holster, cover clothing is necessary.

Concealed carry shorts/leggings, thigh, and ankle holsters also made the list each comprising of about 1% of responses.


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