Come HUNT With Us!


Come join us for a GWG Ladies Bear Hunt in New Mexico!

Here are the details:

Total cost of the hunt is $3,500 (discounted from $5,500) Price includes all meals, but does not include License, tag or stamp! **50% Down by May 20th, 2021.
The licenses that will be required are:
-Game hunting license (non-resident)- $65
-Habitat stamp – $10
-Habitat management and access validation stamp – $4
-Bear hunting license (non-resident) – $260
*Those will not need to be purchased until the beginning of August.
-Hunter safety is not required in NM for hunters 18+
*Two different hunt groups: First Group: 10/4/21 Arrival; Hunt 10/5-10/9 OR Second Group: Arrival 10/9/21; Hunt 10/10-10
*Hunting near Capitan, NM. Would fly into ABQ. Travel to and from is not included so you would be responsible for arranging that on your own.
*Average bear size is 250 pounds
*Hunting will be done together, behind HOUNDS!
*Will be filmed for GWGTV.
*All hunters must be wearing GWG hunting apparel and shooting a Ruger Rifle to be considered for filming for GWG TV on CarbonTV!
*Let me know if you have any questions! Email me directly to save your spot!
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