Rockin’ the Latest Rangewear

Rockin’ the Latest Rangewear

Wearing range clothes that you feel good in boosts your confidence and may even elevate your performance.

By SERENA JUCHNOWSKI | NRA Women Contributor

Predictable. Meindl hiking boots, jeans, a T-shirt, jacket and ballcap. I found myself snatching one of the same three T-shirts every match, if not a one-style-fits-all cotton trophy from the Nationals the previous year. Tight jeans not because I was trying to make a statement, but because Jennifer Lopez jeans are the only brand that fit the way I like. However, I now realize there are fantastic actual rangewear offerings designed for women who enjoy the outdoors—you just have to know where to look.

Shirts can be tricky, but both of the offerings I tried were flattering and fashionable. Wearing shirts designed for women rather than men can really make you feel better and more confident. The Kadri and Girls with Guns brands share this philosophy, and seek to empower women by producing functional, well-fitting clothes for all their adventures.

The moment I slipped on the Girls with Guns’s 22 Jersey Tee, I knew what I’d be wearing this summer. Comfortable, light and breathable, the fit—not tight—still accentuated my figure. Moisture-wicking and antimicrobial, this jersey is especially suitable for long days on the range in the hot sun and for use in competitive disciplines that require hot shooting jackets and sweaters. MSRP: $29.99


Girls With Guns Carbine Pants 
Available in three colors, GWG’s Carbine Pants earned NRA Women’s 2021 Golden Bullseye Award for Gear of the Year. Budget-priced by comparison to others in the same class, they allow for customization to your waist and inseam through use of Velcro and snaps. This allows you to share with those who are close to your size … if you can stand to give them up for a day. With zippered pockets, four-way stretch, asymmetrical design lines and a durable water-repellent finish, they are easy to move in and so comfortable I kept them on after a long day on the range (when I’d normally rip off my tight jeans and switch into something more forgiving). My favorite feature of this offering is the built-in concealed carry holster in the waist. Secured by hook-and-loop, it may not be as fast as a holster to remove, but it was convenient, held the firearm safely and securely, and prevented the firearm from digging into my midsection. MSRP: $79.99

Girls With Guns’ Carbine Pant has an adjustable Velcro pull-tab at the waist. Photo by Max Crotser

Snaps allow you to adjust the inseam of the Girls with Guns Carbine Pant from 28” to 35”. Photo by Max Crotser


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