A Few Reasons Why We Should Stretch


A Few Reasons Why We Should Stretch

By Brooke Smith | Fitness Expert and GWG Team Ambassador


Let’s talk about the benefits of stretching.  Stretching is probably the most skipped thing during a workout, but has one of the most benefits.   Even if you’re not committed to a regular workout schedule, daily stretching has a lot of benefits to your physical and mental health and you can literally stretch anywhere. 

Stretching is basically any movement that lengthens your muscles.  When we sit idle for long periods of time our muscles shrink up and tighten up, for example after a long car ride how many of us get out or the car and stretch.  

The physical benefits of stretching aren’t just for working out, but that is a big part.  Stretching can help you increase your range of motion, the broader range of motion that you have the more muscles you will use, which will allow you to lift more weight and the stronger you will become.  A broader range of motion will also give you a broader range of exercises to choose from.  [/vc_column_text][vc_single_image image=”52283″ img_size=”large” alignment=”center”][vc_column_text]Stretching before a workout can reduce the risk of injury.  Stretching warms up the muscles, joints and tendons.  The increased range of motion from stretching pre workout will help you perform the moves of your workout with ideal body positioning. 

Post exercise stretching and deep breathing will help lower your heart rate, increase blood flow, boost oxygen levels and help deliver nutrients to your body and muscles.  This will help your body in the recovery process. 

Stretching increases flexibility, most of us don’t realize daily tasks that flexibility effects.  Squatting to sit in a chair, bending down to check how fresh an elk track is or leaning over to crawl into your ground blind are all things that are easier to do if we are more flexible.  

This day in age a lot more people are working from home, working at a desk all day and their muscles tighten up as they sit idle.   A good habit to get into is to stand up every hour and do five minutes of stretching, whether it be hip circles  or swinging arm hugs stretch those muscles out, it will help with body tightness at the end of the day.  Same goes for road trips, each time that you stop, give your body a good stretch.  

Stretching should feel good, it shouldn’t hurt.  When you stretch it makes you feel good and can help you reduce stress and can’t we all use a little stress relievers in our lives.   Self-care is so important to our overall health.  The movement of the stretch not only provides a sense of release it also helps you feel connected to your body.  Knowing that you are doing something for yourself if only for ten minutes can help improve your mood, re-energize your mind and body  and help you reset. 

We only get one body so lets take care of it and help it reach its highest potential each and every day. 


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