GWG Celebrates Women’s History Month

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Il Ling has been touted as America’s No. 1 Female Firearms Instructor and Hunting Guide in 2012

Il Ling New

Rangemaster | Gunsite Academy

Il Ling New was born and raised in San Francisco by parent’s who made her feel that she could accomplish anything she set her mind to. Whether it was shooting a shotgun or playing a musical instrument, they were strong believers in getting proper training. And accomplish great things, she did. In 2012 Il Ling was inducted into the California Outdoors Hall of Fame, receiving more votes than any of those honored that year. From a young age, Il Ling grew up hunting and fishing. She received her first guide’s license at the young age of 17. Later, she became the first female captain of Yale University’s Skeet and Trap team.

Robbed at gunpoint while attending University, Il Ling came to understand the fundamental and critical importance of firearms as defensive tools. Thanks to her dad telling her that if she was going to carry a handgun while guiding hunts, she better learn how to shoot it better, she was already enrolled at Gunsite. Il Ling says “The class changed my life and made me think about my mind being the ultimate defensive tool.”  Il Ling went on to become a Rangemaster at Gunsite and was the first female instructor, joining the staff in 2001.

Il Ling is passionate in her belief that everyone should know how to safely use firearms. Says Il Ling, “The person who can manage herself, and her firearm,  can best manage her environment.” This belief has led her to be a sought after instructor. To her credit, she has clients from law enforcement to military personnel, from hunters to competitive shooters, from kids to grandparents.

Il Ling’s own life has been shaped and enhanced because she is able to own and shoot guns. She has a deep respect and marvels at the way that we, in America, have maintained our right to bear arms but is aware of the vigilant efforts to strip that right away. In 2018 Il Ling was elected to serve as an NRA Board Member alongside other notable women activists in the industry. She wants to do more to help preserve our rights, and open that world to others. Il Ling is a great inspiration to us and we value her expertise as an instructor. We are proud to call her our friend.

Jen Ohara, Il Ling New and Norissa Harman

Pictured left to right: GWG Co-Founder Jen O’Hara, Rangemaster Il Ling New, GWG Co-Founder Norissa Harman.
Jen and Norissa train with Il Ling as often as they can get together.

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